FAP Turbo Review – FAP Turbo Settings Expert Guide

FAP Turbo ReviewFAP Turbo is an automated Forex Robot that completely puts your Forex Trading on autopilot. It is programmed to make trades for you to maximize the possibility of winning trades while simultaneously reducing the possibility of losing trades. This is truly a solution for anyone looking to profit from Forex Trading and create wealth trading currency.

The creators of the FAP Turbo, Steve Carletti (professional I.T. programmer and head developer) Mike (expert with complex numbers), Ulrich (expert with Open Source programming) show auto updating realtime evidence on their website to demonstrate the capability and power of their trading robot.

It can be installed on anyone’s home PC or if you don’t want to have your computer on 24 hours a day you can install it on a FAP Turbo Server. There are different FAP Turbo tweaks that can be adjusted within the program for a higher degree of consistency of returns.

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What Are The Features Of FAP Turbo Robot?

FAP Turbo Settings has various advanced algorithms the software relies on for choosing trades. These algorithms have yielded a 95% success rate for winning trades. Unlike other Forex robots which leave much to be desired in regards to backtesting, the algorithms used by FAP Turbo have been backtested over a 9 year period. During this time the trades have yielded net profits of +5000%.

FAP Turbo has two different types of trading strategies. They are short term and long term

  • Short term trading strategy: This strategy uses 4 different currency pairs and trades them over 15 minute time frames. A highlight of this feature is the use of fake stop losses which can prevent stop hunting, sniping, and other shady broker practices.
  • Long term trading strategy: This strategy is actually a variation of the highly successful Forex Autopilot strategy, but it has fixed some of the problems and limitations of that platform. Amongst other changes, this strategy uses stop losses which prevents some of the costly drawdowns that can wipe out entire accounts. The strategy also uses advanced filters to avoid trading during particularly volatile and risky periods.

How Does The FAP Turbo System Work?

What is best about FAP Turbo Results is that, once you have it set up, it works for you day and night (weekends excepted) generating profits that were unimaginable for the ordinary punter before the system was invented. Fapturbo monitors 5 currencies and uses the scalping method to trade all of them simultaneously. They are EURCHF, GBPCHF, EURGBP, USDCAD, EURUSD. The scalping method means that trades are conducted at a very fast pace and a position is only held for seconds at a time. The company has released the new Winter 2011 Update FREE of charge (as usual) to their members adding a new INCREDBILY good performing trading pair and many new features that have been tested over months, leading to increased profits.

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Easy Setup
As it is designed for newcomers to Forex trading as much as anything else, Fap Turbo comes with a whole host of instructional videos to get you started into the wild world of Forex. These are terrific additions to FAP Turbo because as well as the customary instructional guide, these videos also give you advice on choosing a forex broker, coming up with a strategy that works for you as well as choosing your settings. Other Forex Robots of this ilk have been accused of not delivering adequate customer service. FAP Turbo heads the field in this regard as their support team can be reached through a variety of mediums besides the phone such as through email and its forum.

Easy To Use
It is tremendously easy to use and absolute beginners should be able to benefit from FAP Turbo as much as those who are old hands at the Forex game. Criticisms of other forex robots include the fact that they are seemingly designed only for experienced traders due to the complexity of the setting up process. The above information proves that this is not the case with this robot.

Its advantages
The biggest advantage brought about by FAP Turbo Expert Guide is the fact that members do not have to spend thousands of dollars, unlike with other programs. Also, members can start trading even with stocks of low costs without being exposed to any form of risk. However, for the cases where then get to experience some problems, the customer support service is always ready to answer the questions of the clients twenty-four hours daily.

Clients are also provided with a real time profit analysis for their corresponding forex trading accounts. Furthermore, they are also given an automated trading robot so that they can still do their work with forex trading despite not being physically available.

So, if you’re ready to see incredible gains, then start using the FAP Turbo System now. You only have to set it up, forget about it and watch as the income starts rolling in. It’s that simple and foolproof. The FAP Turbo system will start making money the moment you get it up and running, and not two months down the road.

This groundbreaking application will actually make the Forex market work for your gain, regardless of current market trends. On top of the numerous testimonials from users who have earned from this system, the outstanding results are proof enough that FAP Turbo is your sure-fire ticket to success in the Forex market.

FAP Turbo Expert Guide