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The Lotto Black Book By Larry Blair

If you’ve come across any of these so called systems on the net, you very well may have asked yourself “are systems rubbish?” or “are they a scam?”. I’m that way. I’m skeptical until I prove or until someone else proves otherwise.

The answer is twofold.

1. Yes, they are rubbish if……

2. No, they absolutely are not a scam…..

I’ll explain further. First a quick explanation on the “1. Yes, they are rubbish is…” thing. They are no good if you have unreal expectations. What I mean is this: there is no way every person that begins to implement a lotto system will become the number one seated winner of the biggest of prizes. What you can expect is to increase your incidence of winning. Sure, there is a chance it could be the “big one”, but you will see that you will start winning a lot of the smaller prizes if you carefully implement the system as it is laid out.

The Lotto Black Book can be applied to any lottery in the world including the regular state lotteries such as Texas Lottery, California Lottery, Florida Lottery, Pa Lottery and Ohio Lottery. Or you can play the European Euro Millions Lottery and the Canadian Lotto 6/49 or Lotto Max. The Lotto Black Book Powerball or the Lotto Black Book Mega Millions can certainly increase your odds of winning these huge prizes. This system is so easy to understand all you need is to know is basic math of adding and subtracting. The Lotto Black Book Review

John Morrison is the creator of Sports Betting Champ. If you want to achieve the same degree of success that he has had in the sports betting industry, his system of sports betting that will have you cheering all the way to the bank. John has been a lifelong sports fan and has combined his love for all types of sports with his PhD degree in statistics to produce his surefire system. Over time he has honed the Sports Betting Champ System so finely that it guarantees success. Countless people around the world have benefited from the wealth of knowledge John has incorporated into this system.

There are many people who believe that predicting the lottery numbers is a mere luck, for them this Silver Lotto System would act as an eye opener. I have been a lottery enthusiast for more than a decade now, no doubt I have registered some wins, but that urge for more has always made me kept going. I was on the hunt for a great tool when I noticed Silver Lotto System from Ken Silver and I decided to give it a try. Silver Lotto System Review

So, no they are absolutely not a scam. Check out some of these numbers that help back up this statement.

Roughly 50 percent of the lotto winners come from quick picks. I know what you’re thinking. Half come from quick picks, then there are certainly not more than 50 percent winners coming from these so-called systems.

Well, here is the interesting part. Although 50 percent of the winners are from the quick picks, a whopping 70 percent of the tickets purchased are quick picks. So, the remaining 30 percent of folks that win are either winning half the time with random numbers or by using a system.

The reason such a small portion of the winners are winning half the time is because they are using carefully implemented systems based on previous winners, mathematics, and statistics.

There really is no point trying to figure a system and statistics out yourself. The gentleman that created the premier system spent years developing it. Let me re-phrase that premier system comment. Most systems are similar because they are based on cold, hard, statistical facts. Ok, so here is what set the so called “premier system” apart. This guy has an incredible easy to follow way of articulating what needs to be done to win more often. It’s that simple.

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